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Europejskie Platformy Technologiczne


No Full name Acronym Website
1 Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies EuMaT http://eumat.eu/
2 Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe ACARE http://www.acare4europe.com/
3 Embedded Computing Systems ARTEMIS http://www.artemis-ju.eu/home_page
4 European Biofuels Technology Platform Biofuels http://www.biofuelstp.eu/
5 European Construction Technology Platform ECTP http://www.ectp.org/
6 European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council ENIAC http://cordis.europa.eu/ist/eniac/home.html
7 European Rail Research Advisory Council ERRAC http://www.errac.org/
8 European Road Transport Research Advisory Council ERTRAC http://www.ertrac.org/ 
9 European Space Technology Platform ESTP http://estp.esa.int/exp/E10430.php
10 European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP http://cordis.europa.eu/estep/
11 European Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future SmartGrids http://www.smartgrids.eu/
12 European Technology Platform for Wind Energy TPWind http://www.windplatform.eu/
13 European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration EPoSS http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public
14 Food for Life Food http://etp.fooddrinkeurope.eu/asp/index.asp
15 Forest based sector Technology Platform Forestry http://www.forestplatform.org/
16 Future Manufacturing Technologies MANUFUTURE http://www.manufuture.org/manufacturing/
17 Future Textiles and Clothing FTC http://euratex.eu/
18 Global Animal Health GAH http://www.etpgah.eu/
19 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform HFP http://www.fch-ju.eu/
20 Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI http://www.imi.europa.eu/
21 Integral Satcom Initiative ISI http://www.isi-initiative.org/
22 Networld2020 – ETP for communications networks and services http://networld2020.eu/
23 Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications NanoMedicine http://www.etp-nanomedicine.eu/public
24 Networked and Electronic Media NEM http://nem-initiative.org/
25 Networked European Software and Services Initiative NESSI http://www.nessi-europe.eu/default.aspx?page=home
26 Photonics21 Photonics http://www.photonics21.org/
27 Photovoltaics Photovoltaics http://www.eupvplatform.org/
28 Plants for the Future Plants http://www.plantetp.org/
29 European Robotics Technology Platform EUROPeuRobotics http://www.robotics-platform.eu/cms/http://www.eu-robotics.net/
30 Sustainable Chemistry SusChem http://www.suschem.org/
31 Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform WSSTP http://wsstp.eu/
32 Waterborne ETP Waterborne http://www.waterborne-tp.org/
33 Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants ZEP  http://www.zeroemissionsplatform.eu/
34 European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform EATIP http://www.eatip.eu/
35 European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing ETP4HPC http://www.etp4hpc.eu/
36 European Technology Platform on Logistics ALICE http://ec.europa.eu/research/transport/news/items/alice_lauch_en.htm
37 European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling RHC-Platform http://www.rhc-platform.org/
38 European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources ETP-SMR http://www.etpsmr.org/
39 Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform FABRE-TP http://www.animaltaskforce.eu/Ournbsporganisation/Members/FABRETPFarmAnimalBreedingReproductionTec.aspx
40 Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform SNETP http://www.snetp.eu/
41 Technology Research Platform for Organic Food and Farming TP Organics http://www.organic-research.net/tp-organics0.html
Cross-thematic Platfroms
42 Industrial Safety ETP IndustrialSafety http://www.industrialsafety-tp.org/
43 NANOfutures environment ETIP European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform NANOfutures http://www.nanofutures.eu/


Platforma w budowie z polską koordynacją

44 European Technology Platform for Clean Unconventional Hydrocarbons ETP CUH