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3rd workshop on realizing the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region

PIT zaangażował się w przygotowanie wspólnie z Nordic Council of Ministers “3rd workshop on realizing the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region”, który odbędzie się 4-5 marca 2015 w Warszawie.

The workshop is the third workshop planned under an initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers to speed up the realization of the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. The initiative aims to:

  • To engage stakeholders across the region and across sectors, private as well as public, in a dialogue on bioeconomy opportunities and challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • To break down the widespread silo mentality that currently leads to a fragmented pursue of the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. Showcasing and developing next bioeconomy practices where different sciences, industrial technologies, local and tacit knowledge, and policy enablers have come together “in the right mix” will play an important role to demonstrate the importance and value of cross-sectorial cooperation.
  • To facilitate identification and incubate a number co-operation actions (10 steps) that are particular important to realize the transition towards a bioeconomy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The third workshop in Warsaw on 4-5 March 2015 aims at:

1) Engaging and including Polish partners, Polish perspectives and Polish experiences in efforts towards realising the bioeconomy – in Poland and in the Baltic Sea Region at large.

2) Taking stock on current Baltic Sea Region bioeconomy cooperation activities and efforts, their preliminary results and the implications for further efforts to ensure sustainability in cooperation.

3) A Project Village proving opportunities to develop and launch three additional bioeconomy cooperation actions (steps towards the bioeconomy) with pre-seed funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers. This could be under headings such as Business Models, Regulations and Biogas – but could also target other themes). 7 pre-seed projects (steps towards the bioeconomy) are already unfolding, namely Local Capital, Green Proteins, Markets for Wood(based) Biomass, Tightening the Phosphorous Circle, Bio for Non-Food, Stakeholder Engagement and Blue Bioeconomy. These exiting efforts are also open to new partners.

4) Setting out a 3-year framework for further – political as well as practical – cooperation to realise the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region (including by leveraging on-going bioecomony cooperation activities implemented with national, Nordic and European Union funding).